Heart-Healthy Nutrients

Hello blog readers! The info I have for you today is from a MSNBC article about women heart health. This article listed five important nutrients for women and easy ways to incorporate them into your diet.

  • Omega-3s: There are three of them, and DHA is best for your heart. It lowers blood fats and raises good cholesterol (HDL). Salmon and other fatty fish are the best sources, and if you don’t like fish look into a supplement or other foods that are fortified with DHA. You need two fish servings a week or 200mg a day.
  • Soluble fiber: Insoluble fiber is in whole wheat and vegetables, while soluble fiber is found in fruits, oats, and legumes. Soluble fiber lowers your LDL (bad cholesterol). Aim for 25 grams of fiber a day, with several sources of the insoluble type.
  • Folate: B vitamins reduce homocystine in the blood, which lowers your risk of heart disease. Try to eat two sources of high-folate foods (green/leafy veggies, orange juice, legumes) to help your heart.
  • Antioxidants: These attack free radicals (oxygen fragments that can damage your cells). Colorful fruits and vegetables are your best bet. Keep eating all your servings!
  • Vitamin D: Many, many Americans are lacking in this vitamin, and studies show it can lead to heart disease. Get your few minutes of sunshine a day and look for Vitamin D-fortified foods (800-1000 IU/day).

Check out the article here for some more info and meal ideas that incorporate these essential nutrients!

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