Welcome to Bites du Jour! My name is Meg, and I am the ringleader of this blog. As I have said before, this isn’t your typical food blog. I am an undergraduate college student, and while I eat healthfully, it’s not that interesting and I don’t think you need to see all that I eat. 🙂 Plus I’m not too handy with photography, and beautiful food photography is a huge part of a daily food blog. Why would you look at my pictures and my food when you could look at Kath’s?

So I need a niche. I’m not saying I’ve quite found it, but I decided to start with my passions, which you can find in the headers at the top of the page: fitness, food, happiness, and health. These four things are among my favorites to talk about, learn about, and write about, and I constantly apply all of them to my daily life.

I want to share what I know with you, and I want to start a dialogue. There many people out there who know more about the above topics than I do, and I want to engage them. I want to engage experts, bloggers, and readers. My hope is that you’ll poke around this blog, hopefully have some fun, maybe leave a comment or join a discussion, and learn a little something you can store and use in your daily life to make it a little better. 

Please feel free to comment or e-mail me if there is anything particular you want to see on the blog!


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  1. […] on combining these into a well-rounded food blog that offers something for everyone. Please see my About page to read more about me and what I aim to do in this blog. And I love feedback, so if you like […]

  2. Michelle on

    Hi Meg,

    Love your Valentine’s recipe using Adora Calcium. That is so cute! I am the dietitian and newsletter editor for Adora – can I feature your recipe in our February newsletter?


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