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A Better Explanation

Hey guys! I have been racking my brain, trying to come up with a unique twist for this blog that differentiates it from the other blogs out there. I turned to what I know and what my passion is…educating people about nutritious food and healthy lifestyles. There is so much information out there, which is wonderful, but I believe it has more value when the info about nutrition is attached to practical applications. 

Sure, I know that I need whole grains, fruits, veggies, lean protein, and healthy fats in order to have a balanced diet. But if I don’t know where to find those things or how to cook my meals in order to incorporate them, there is a missing link in the education process.

That’s what I aim to change. The food blogger community is so fabulous and offers so much information that I want to integrate it more. So through this website I plan on featuring many recipes and healthy tips from the other great food bloggers out there as well as myself. I truly want to provide bites du jour. If you follow this website, I’ll give you a recipe every day for dinner, for example. The recipes will be nutritious and delicious. I will also try to attach healthy ideas and tips to the recipes. Coming up soon…a great recipe from one of my favorite bloggers! Stay tuned!


First Bite du Jour!

Welcome to my blog! I personally love food blogs but never really had the courage to start one because I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough to say, what I did say wouldn’t be interesting enough, or that people wouldn’t read it. But you never know until you try. 🙂 After thinking about it, I realized that I do have things to say, and hey, maybe people will read it.

I am not invisioning this as a typical food blog. I am not planning on photographing and/or listing every meal that I eat because there are plenty of people out there who already do that, and they are far more talented than I am (Kath, for one). This will be more of an informational blog. I plan to link to interesting recipes or news stories (related to nutrition and fitness), give some information on my favorite products, and maybe include a musing or two about any food-related issues I come across.

I am very interested in food (particularly of the healthy variety), nutrition, fitness and writing, so I plan on combining these into a well-rounded food blog that offers something for everyone. Please see my About page to read more about me and what I aim to do in this blog. And I love feedback, so if you like something, hate something, or have any ideas about what you would like to see on this blog, please let me know in the comments. I want to cater to my readers! Have a wonderful day!